At Pedagogical Pathways we first seek to understand the uniqueness

of the school and your culture of learning.


At Pedagogical Pathways we believe…

  • Every child can learn
  • That good teaching practice leads to student learning
  • A curriculum that caters for the mind, body and spirit of the child encourages student growth.
  • To learn effectively a student must engage with a teacher who is a life-long learner and researcher.
  • To encourage sound pedagogical growth for teachers they must engage in job-embedded learning opportunities within their own workplace
  • That a leadership team who strives to build learning power creates a culture of life-long learning for students and teachers.

The aim of Pedagogical Pathways is

  • To support schools to establish a pedagogical framework that demonstrates the vision and mission of the school
  • To support leadership teams to create a sustainable culture of learning
  • To support schools to develop and sustain communities of professional practice that seeks to change the culture from one as a place of teaching to one of a place of learning.

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