Board Appointments

It is vital as a global citizen that one continues to give back to ones field.

School Council President Coburg High School

In 2016 I was given the privilege of being elected School Council President following a two-year appointment as a Community Representative. To continue to support this dynamic leadership team and the vision and mission of such an inspirational school I remain deeply honoured.

This was a dynamic and challenging role as we undertook the process of engaging a Principal for the Secondary School. This process was one of great complexity and a task that was not taken lightly as we were responsible to the school community and needed to ensure the best fit for the school’s on-going growth. We were pleased to successfully engage a Principal who is able to drive future growth whilst honouring the collective memory of the school community.

Start Date: 2013                          End Date: March, 2017

Australian College of Educators Board Member Victorian Branch

I am proud to continue my appointment to the Board. Australian college of Educators is a national professional association representing the educational filed whilst supporting innovative training opportunities for those within the field.

In 2017, I have been awarded the great honour of being elected Branch Secretary. This is a challenging role during a time of great change in the educational field.

Start Date: 2015                          End Date: ongoing

Tommy Hafey Club (Richmond Football Club) Committee Member

Having been a member of both the Richmond Football Club (RFC) and the Tommy Hafey Club (THC) I am thrilled to have been asked to sit on the Committee of the THC.  To be able to give back to a club that has given me so much is such a privilege. The THC has since its inception has donated to the RFC some $200,000 through it’s fundraising events. I look forward to supporting the work of the THC. The THC supports the RFC, the RFC Former Players and Officials Association and the Jack Dyer Foundation.

In 2017, I have been awarded the position of Membership Convenor, managing the database and communicating with the boarder membership base.

Start Date: 2016                          End Date: Ongoing

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