Curriculum Vitae

Educational Qualifications

• Victoria University: – Doctorate of Education. Started March 2012 – ongoing part time studies.
• Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology): – Master of Education. Pure Research – Professional Practices in Early Childhood Long Day Care Settings (Victoria). Completed: 2005
• Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology): – Bachelor of Education (Awarded Honours) (Early Childhood / Primary Streams) Completed: 1999
• Awarded Membership of the Golden Key National Honour Society Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
• School of Early Childhood Studies, University of Melbourne: – Associate Diploma in Social Science in the Arts (Qualification from 0 – 17 years) Completed: 1989
• Penleigh and Essendon Grammar: – Higher School Certificate. Completed: 1986
• Victorian Institute of Teaching Registration No: – 202289
• Current Victorian and Federal Police Check and Working With Children Check.

Board Appointments
Australian College of Educators – Board Member Victorian Branch – Elected State Secretary
The Australian College of Educators is a National professional association representing the educational field and supports innovative training opportunities for those within the field. I have created and will be facilitating a series of Interfaith – Interface forums for the next 18 months within different regions of the State.
Start Date: 2015 End Date: ongoing

School Council President – Coburg High School
In 2016 I have been elected School Council President following a two-year appointment as a community representative. During my term I have employed a Principal for the High School seeing me work closely with staff, regional representatives and parent groups. A significant part of my role is to ensure that the Council is run with the highest order of transparency and accountability for all key stakeholders within the local and wider school communities.
Start Date: 2013 End Date: 2017

Premiers Spirit of ANZAC Awards
Judging Panelist (Independent sector, Western Metropolitan Region)
Meeting three times a year to critic and select works that are able to clearly articulate and demonstrate the ANZAC spirit.
Start Date: 2010 End Date: Ongoing

2/23rd 9th Division Battalion Association Committee
Editor of the Battalion newsletter ‘Mud & Blood’ and Publicity and Marketing Director, board member 2004 – ongoing
I have coordinated all ANZAC Day March celebrations, from 2006 for the Battalion. I have sourced information for and written the Newsletter ‘Mud & Blood’ which is produced three times a year since 2004. I have successfully coordinated, planned, and implemented significant events such as the 70th Anniversary celebrations 2010 in Albury (NSW) attended by some 250 members and guests. I have been awarded Life Membership of the Battalion – acknowledged as the first women to be given such an honour within the 9th Division.

Tommy Hafey Club (Richmond Football Club) – Committee Member – Elected Membership Convener
The THC supports the Richmond Football Club and the former players and officials, associations and the Jack Dyer Foundation. Current role publications and membership officer.
Start Date: 2016 End Date: Ongoing

Published International Author and Presenter:
The Education University of Hong Kong – ECE Public Seminar – invited speaker (November, 2017)
Lecture: The Child as the Protagonist of their Learning
Audience: Pre Service Teachers
Lecture: One Journey, Many Voices – An Australian Educational Perspective
Audience: Leading Academics and Invited Principals from leading International Schools

Journal: Teachers and Training – Theory and Practice
Publisher: Routledge and Taylor Group
‘A Spatial Re-Consideration of the Early Childhood School Relationship’
Linda Henderson, Joce Nuttall, Lili-Ann Kriegler & Helen Schiele
Link to this article:

ICOT 2015 – Conference presenter
International Conference in Thinking – Bilbao. Basque country. Spain. Europe (17th Edition, 29th June – 3rd July)
Co-presented a one-hour workshop entitled: ‘Play Incorporated Learning: A Framework for Proactive, Purposeful Education in the Early Years (From Birth – 8 years)’
Recent Employment History

Consultant: Learning Emergence LLP (2016 – ongoing)
Working with Dr Ruth Crick
Learning Emergence LLP was formed by members of the Learning Emergence international research network (
The company’s seeks to develop a platform and infrastructure to deliver leading edge diagnostic and development tools in improvement research.
Their Surveys for Open Learning Analytics (SOLA) platform provides learning analytics support and reliable access to the Crick Learning for Resilient Agency (CLARA) Survery thereby giving the setting the opportunity to gain accurate data to plan for future educational learning opportunities for individuals based within said setting.

Monash University (Clayton Campus)
State Date: June 2016 – ongoing
Position / Title: Tutor / Lecturer
Roles & Responsibilities: Delivering the Flagship Subject in the Masters of Education
EDF4122 – Teaching Partnerships: working with families and communities. The unit examines: –
• The ethics and protocols of engaging with diverse families and communities as well as establishing sustainable partnerships with diverse stakeholders.
Employed hours: Two, two hour lectures per week for a 12-week period in Semester 2.

Pedagogical Pathways: Helen Schiele & Associates
State Date: Jan 2014 – ongoing
Position / Title: Director, Educational Coach, and Consultant
Roles & Responsibilities: I invite you to review my website for comprehensive details: –
Significant initiatives –
Project Manger – International Program ‘From War to Peace – A walk of Harmony’ commemoration of the centenary of ANZAC Day 2015.
Introduction of Professional Learning Communities within multiple schools and campuses
Trained Cognitive Coach – coaching several principals in the pedagogical practice and strategic development for said school.
AGILE/ SIPOC Facilitator – supporting strategic development and review of business of plans and educational practices.
Designed and built several Early Childhood Facilities (including the recruitment of staff and policy development)

Independent Schools Victoria
Start Date: April, 2010 End Date: ongoing (as of January 2016 Part time – Senior Advisor in Early Years)
Position / Title: Senior Advisor – Literacy and Numeracy (National Partnerships Program)
Senior Advisor – Student’s First Improvement Team
Roles & Responsibilities
Advise and support interventions and learning strategies pertaining to both the National Partnerships Program and Student’s First – Schools Improvement Program
Sound ability to model and conduct evidence based teaching practices
Ability to build and strengthen teaching practices and whole school approaches creating a Professional Learning Community whilst supporting and leading whole school based professional development.
Currently appointed to four significant Advisory Boards representing the Independent sector for Victorian Government

New Role: Senior Advisor in Early years
High skilled and knowledgeable in area of governance, planning and staffing development
Specialist in developmental play (emphasis in the Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy) and cognitive developmental growth in play
Training delivery in the area of early childhood pedagogy and professional learning pathways

Knowledge and Skills – Leadership and Operational
Demonstrated ability to take teams of leaders through change management processes using an Agile Development Method.
High level of interpersonal skills demonstrated in the areas of leadership.
Flexible and adaptable to the needs of all parties involved – Board of Management, Leadership, and Teaching staff.
Ability to identify individual school’s needs and resources needed
High levels of ability to created and sustain professional learning communities, using Cognitive CoachingSM training methods, in building sound pedagogical and teacher leader practices.
Ability to work in partnership with local government, community, and school communities
High level of knowledge and understanding of current trends and practices within the broader educational field
Ability to coordinate and deliver relevant professional learning programs
Operational knowledge of the educational sector and classroom practice

Knowledge and Skills – Financial
Managed project expenditures
Maintained budget performance
Ability to collect, coordinate and manage administrative tasks
Collect, monitor and analyse data
ICT proficient in the area of PC and Mac Applications and software
Knowledge and Skills – Teaching and Learning
Lead teams to improve student-learning outcomes
Coaching teams of teachers to shift and enhance their teaching practices to establish a Professional Learning Community.
Ability to engage and educate staff in the areas of e5, Moderation, Australian Curriculum / Victorian Curriculum, Backwards Design planning, Rubric development, differentiated curriculums, reading programs and development Specific, Manageable, Achievable, and Timed bound (SMART) Goals in both the primary and secondary areas.
Ability to work within a variety of faith based settings, Low Socio-Economic and English as an Additional Language community

Ballarat and Queens Anglican Grammar
Start Date: January, 2006 End Date: March, 2010
Position / Title: Head of Junior School Library (Carolyn Blackman Library – Kindergarten – Year 6)
Year 5 Teacher (English / Integrated Studies/ Pastoral Care)
Tournament of Minds Coordinator (2008 – 2010)
Boarding Coordinator Duty – Larritt Boarding House (Years 7 – 9 Girls Boarding 2006 – 07)
Residential Mentor / Leader Heyhoe House (Year 10 – 12 Girls Boarding – 2008 – 2010) Year 10 – 12 Academic Tutor: 2008 – 2010
Roles & Responsibilities:
Delivered a differentiated curriculum within the Library from Kindergarten – Grade 6 based upon the learning outcomes within the Victorian Essential Learning Standards Curriculum.
Enabled students to become information literate and globally aware through their learning strategies
Developed strategies to empower the child’s individual learning through a critical thinking approach via visible thinking tools.
Boarding House Mentor and Leader: –
Leadership skills, pastoral care, able to support the holistic development of the students within my care (Students from year 7 – 12).
Academic Tutor:
Ensured all academic learning outcomes were supported and completed.
High emphasis was placed on the well being, social and emotional adjustment needed for communal living ensuring that students were able to actualise their potential to become successful global citizens.

Operated a successful department, supervised staff and maintained budgets and ensured all administrative needs were on target.
Delivered a qualitative curriculum program for all classes based upon a thinking curriculum within the Library syllabus ensuring cognitive ages and multiple intelligence needs were catered for.
Established effective learning processes for children to utilise in overcoming learning delays and created learning strategies for extension for students who show proficiency.
Tournament of Minds: Won Regional Final 2008 (Literature) and awarded Honours in State Finals 2009 (Literature)
Ran two teams – Won Regional Final and awarded Honours in State Finals

Past Employment History                                                                                                           1998 – 2004 St. Michael’s Grammar Junior School (St. Kilda Campus) Grades 2, 4, & 6
Teacher Librarian – whole school
Early Learning Teacher Created and supported an educational curriculum within Victorian Essential Learning Standards Curriculum.
Enabled students in becoming information literate and globally aware through their learning strategies
Developed strategies to empower the child’s individual learning through a critical thinking approach via visible thinking tools.
Documented and delivered a differentiated curriculum.
Supported the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of each child within each year level.

2001 – 2001 University of Melbourne Department Guest Lecturer, Tutor & Marker Researched and documented resources and data to be used within the lecture and tutorial sessions based upon research and workplace skills experiential knowledge.
Acknowledged by students of the value of the data delivered within the guest lecture role

2000 – 2001 Methodist Ladies Collage Artist in Residence Early Learning.                    Created a qualitative program that was culturally diverse and representative of numerous artistic streams incorporating the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

1993 – 1994 P.A.N.C.H. Division – Children’s Centre Children’s Services Officer – (Person In Charge)                                                                                                                                    Developed awareness & appreciation of the centres multicultural and socio and economic diversity. Created an educational program focusing on the individual needs of the child, incorporating special interests & creative levels. Provided grief counseling & support for children & parents.

1994 – 1994 Keele Street Children’s Centre Children’s Services Officer Co-ordinated programs for 0 -18mths, 2 – 3 yrs. & 3 – 5 yrs.
Integrated program for children with learning difficulties & socialisation skill delay.

1985 – 1992 Brunswick East High School Crèche Assistant Director Acquired & developed knowledge of child care management.
Developed a highly experiential skill base regarding educational programs.
Heightened awareness of multicultural appreciation and needs