Educational Consultantancy

During my employment as a consultant for the two and half year period, I was able to implement the following pedagogical practises across all three campuses; all of which have become a whole school approach in the teaching and learning practices of the educators.

  • Professional Learning Communities – teams of teachers across lower, middle and upper primary and within each department of the secondary school
  • Teaching and Learning Communities for Teachers of Islamic Studies, Languages and the Quran.

To establish these professional groups of learning, the process of up skilling, re-evaluating long held professional practices and embracing the idea of becoming a Teacher Researcher was a core component of establish a new approach to teaching and learning and the moderation of data and evidence shared with peers.

Teachers were educated in the importance of establishing learning intentions for each lesson and protecting reflection time in each class to ensure what was taught was learnt.

I played a vital role in the re-launching of the Strategic Plan and Improvement Plan – reworking key vision and mission statements for the school embracing it’s core values closely aligned to the school’s faith based values.

Establishing a close working relationship based on trust and respect was vital in understanding and being able to articulate the school’s educational beliefs and values – clearly stating the learning journey of the Ilim child whose learning journey now starts at the age of 3 months old.FullSizeRender