Published International Author and Presenter

The Education University of Hong Kong – ECE Public Seminar – invited speaker (November, 2017)

Lecture: The Child as the Protagonist of their Learning
Audience: Pre Service Teachers

Lecture: One Journey, Many Voices An Australian Educational Perspective
Audience: Leading Academics and Invited Principals from leading International Schools

Journal: Teachers and Training Theory and Practice
Publisher: Routledge and Taylor Group
‘A Spatial Re-Consideration of the Early Childhood School Relationship’
Linda Henderson, Joce Nuttall, Lili-Ann Kriegler & Helen Schiele

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ICOT 2015 – Conference presenter

International Conference in Thinking – Bilbao. Basque country. Spain. Europe (17th Edition, 29th June – 3rd July)
Co-presented a one-hour workshop entitled:Play Incorporated Learning: A Framework for Proactive, Purposeful Education in the Early Years (From Birth – 8 years)’