Coburg Senior High School

I am proud to have been asked to sit on the Board of Governors for the High School. This educational institution is dynamic and one in which truly offers a unique style of learning empowering students to embrace an adult learning environment and curriculum from Years 7 and Years 10 – 12.

In 2015, the school has opened its doors to students in year 7 with the goal that each year a new academic year will commence. Having had my own son attend the school and knowing the difference the school made to his educational journey I can only begin to imagine the growth of the student having benefited from the dedicated teaching team’s endeavours to explore and unpack a curriculum over a six-year period.

In February, 2016 I was asked to become the Governing Board President. I was deeply honoured and proud to have served this unique educational institution and its community. This was a period of great change as we employed a Principal for the State High School and continue work in preparing for the academic year of 2017 for our new intake of Year 9 students completing our secondary school for Coburg.


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